I started by playing classical piano from age 6. Eight years later I discovered my passion for drums and rhythms and took lessons in mainly classical percussion. Besides that I joined the percussion ensemble Bi-Cussion and and later the orchestra Junge Sinfoniker for several years. At the age of 18, I won the Hanns Bisegger Förderpreis award for performance on timpanies, snare drum, marimba and set-up.

At the same time I got more into the drumset as an instrument that had always fascinated me. The first LPs I ever listened to were The Doors, Sting, The Fugees and Michael Jackson. It had to have a strong beat . Later there was more Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, Neo-soul, Reggae and more classical music, minimal music. 

When I turned 18 I discovered jazz. The Keith Jarrett Trio was one of the major inspirations to go deeper and learn about this music.

My goal was to both get to know the jazztradition but also find a way to connect this approach and the improvised music with other genres.

This undertaking continues until today. Here’s a list of different projects and activities that I have been part of since then:

The Boosters, The Offbeat Rockers, Yellowcake, The Honeybadgers, North-Stream Quintet, Sander Baan Quartet, Miglokomon,  TRiO, local BigBands, Groningen Latin All Stars, Adedeji Adetayo, Pasha Shcherbakov’s Human Music, Mr. Wallace (sub), Storian Collective, Denise Rivera, Luftikus, PhoenatiX, Ache Cubano

Since my graduation (jazz drums, PCC Groningen ) I’ve mainly been playing and teaching drums. I took lessons and workshops from: Joost van Schaik, Steve Altenberg, Ralph Peterson, Gene Jackson, Alan Jones, Lucas van Merwijk, Han Bennink, Bruno Castellucci, Martijn Vink, Nippy Noya and Gerardo Rosales.

With the Sander Baan Quartet we won the audience award at the Leidse Jazzaward 2013 -competition and went to the final of that competition’s 2014 edition. This group has just released their first album “Country Music” in November 2014.